Current Research

Main Areas of Research and Interest:

  • Remix Theory
  • Philosophy and Religion in Popular Culture
  • Buddhist Philosophy
  • Ironic Activism
  • Pirate Politics
  • Religious Dimensions of Alcohol Production/Consumption
  • Apocalyptic Zombie Narratives
  • Absurdist/Existential Fiction
  • Zen Practice
  • Animal and Environmental Ethics
  • Urban Foraging and Wildcrafting
  • Fermented Foods
  • Open Source/Access and Digital Privacy

My doctoral work revolved around the development of a model for studying how religious traditions (and by extension, cultural traditions in general) change and evolve over time: what I termed, Remix+/-. This work was predicated upon an application of remix theory and conceptual metaphor theory, and focused on the challenges it presents for concepts like authority, authenticity, and originality. Most of my examples and case studies centered on Buddhist thought and culture. Recent publications, presentations, and blog posts engage with this research as it continues to develop, and I’m in the process of remixing the main theoretical portion of my dissertation into something more article- or book-friendly and accessible.

I’m currently working on an application of remix theory – and more specifically, an application of the metaphorical correspondences and framework I developed in my dissertation – to the study of anicca (impermanence) and paṭiccasamuppāda (interdependence/dependent origination) in Buddhist philosophy. I’m also working on a project focusing on the intersection between mindfulness meditation, urban foraging, and remix theory.