What was initially conceived as a companion column at Nomos Journal (Remixing Religion) to my dissertation has since evolved into a more general blog in the aftermath of that project. While still heavily focused on remix theory and related areas, posts also cover broader topics pertaining to other research and personal interests.

Illuminating the Shadows

Piratical databases of electronic texts challenge the structures that otherwise keep such material closed off and inaccessible. These so-called shadow libraries help push for a more informed, creative, and critical society that hinges upon accessibility rather than censorship and control.

The Right to Copy in the Context of Religion

Even under the notion or guise of sanctity, access and control are still very closely tied to power structures and the hierarchies that establish and regulate them, and copyright law has played a large role in how this has developed.

Kissing the Earth With Our Feet

Thich Nhat Hanh’s life and teachings remind us of the importance of being present in our lives and that everything is always constantly changing rather than being created or destroyed.

Memorializing Yesterday…and Today

The connection between processes linked to memory and memorial are uniquely demonstrated in the film Yesterday, and the elements of remembrance and storytelling it illustrates might help in considering practices related to loss.

Embracing the Zen in Disney’s Zenimation

Disney’s new Zenimation series is more than just a themed collection of soothing vignettes. The mashup project is an extension of trends and processes characterizing both Buddhist Modernism and twenty-first-century Western mindfulness sensibilities.